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National Margarita Day 2020

The Cinco de Mayo celebrations start early this year.

Today, we honor the National Margarita Day with the best deals.

At DealCurb, we celebrate it our way - with many exclusive deals and discounts. Join us! Here are our best deals to help you party:

Classica Triple Sec

The Classic Triple Sec from Kroger Deals is the unsurpassed companion to your tequila-based cocktail.

It's a mighty, delicious, and colorless alcoholic beverage. The primary ingredient being dehydrated oranges peel from a magical Caribbean island. Indeed, there are alternatives on the market, but none of them stand up to the quality of this one.

Any triple sec will be enough for your mixing needs. So, why get an expensive one when you can get great results (and quality) much cheaper?

Ritas Straw-Ber-Rita Sparkling Margarita

The Ritas Straw-Ber-Rita isn’t a beer, and not a margarita. It’s a malt beverage with the smell and taste of margarita, though.

It’s perfect in three situations:

  • You’re not a huge Margarita fan and still want to celebrate Margarita Day.
  • You want an “appetizer” before going straight for the big dish.
  • Tequila is too strong for you.

The discount can be helpful when you want a quick alcohol drink to refresh on the porch in a hot summer day.

Mattel Uno Card Game

Target Deals has Uno, which is the game card you need for a night full of laughter.

The Wild and Draw Four Wild cards make it the best for a drinking night with friends and family. As you can make your own rules and make it more drink-friendly.

For example, you can make rules like:

  • Any time a "wild" card is played, everyone drinks.
  • If someone played a “Draw Two,” the next player must take two sips from their Margarita, too.
  • You take a sip from your Margarita every time you draw a card.
  • If the person didn't say "UNO," they must empty their cup.

You can write new rules on the wild blank cards, too.

All in all, you’ll enjoy a drinking night till the morning. Happy Margarita Day!

Make it a night to remember with the best deals.

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