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How to Locate Deals Near You (Search Inventory)

Help! I don’t get the Search Inventory function on DealCurb. Therefore, I can’t use it to find the best deals near me.

The Search Inventory function on DealCurb is intuitive. It takes just a few minutes to use it and find the best deals near you.

This free tool will let you find top Best Buy deals (discounts between 20% and 70%) in your area.

This simple guide will instruct you on how to use the Search Inventory function on DealCurb on the free membership plan.

Before we start, you’ll need two numbers.

  • The stock-keeping unit (SKU) of the product, which is a kind of bar code.
  • The zip code of your area.

If you don’t know your exact zip code, use unitedstateszipcodes.org to get it.


For illustration, let’s assume you live in Dallas, and you want to sell electronics on eBay.

You saw an excellent Samsung TV on Best Buy, which has the SKU of 6331762. And your ZIP code is 75001.

On Desktop:

On Mobile:

Now, you want to see if you can get a deal on it with DealCurb.

With the SKU and zip code in hand, you start looking.

Go to DealCurb.com, hover on “Search Inventory” in the top bar, and click “Best Buy.”

Now, you need to enter your information in the search bars and click “Search Inventory.”

On Desktop:

On Mobile:

In the search results, you’ll see all the available stores with offering discounts on your item.

Get your “TV” and start selling.

That’s how the Search Inventory function works!

If you want more perks, consider signing up for the Extreme membership plan, which will show you 70%+ discounts.

Furthermore, the Supreme membership plan provides you with the Local Markdowns function, which will get you the best deals in your area.

With subscribing, you don’t have to depend on luck or coincidence. Why?

Because you’ll always be in the loop with any discounts once they pop up in your area.

Do reach out if you need more clarifications, we’re happy to clarify further.

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