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Why Pay for Premium or Supreme Deals (Local Markdowns)

Hello, DealCurber!

Want to get discounts on your favorite items? Discover the latest markdowns from stores in your area?

If you love using DealCurb as a free member, wait until you see our advanced membership programs.

With the coronavirus epidemic hitting the economy hard and fast, prices are unpredictable. But see the bright side, stores want to get rid of their inventory, and offering ridiculous discounts in the process.

When you sign up as an Extreme DealCurber, you will get access to your favorite items at a discounted rate. We're talking 70% discounts and up.

  • It will help you save hundreds of dollars every month.
  • It will help you get essential items on a tight budget.
  • It will help you uncover valuable items that you didn't even know you needed.

You will find that it is not so black and white!

On DealCurb, we are continually listing new items as they show up in different categories.

You can get everything you need for your baby, home, and yourself without paying much.

All items are high-quality from respected brands worldwide. And we also offer deals from top retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, and more.

We help you find online and in-store deals. So, you can buy online or locally.

But our best service, which you can have through Supreme membership, is Local Markdowns.

When stores make a buying mistake and buy items that do not sell well, they put them on markdown.

It means if a store buys a lot of shoes in different colors, and sell some colors, but could not sell the other colors, they put them on markdown.

Perhaps, they only want to sell what they got to buy more new items.

With just your zip code, you will get a dynamic list of these high-value items. We will help you find them in stores near you before anyone else.

You can even enter a friend's zip code and help them buy discounted items in their area.

With our membership plans, you will save big by paying small!



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