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With Restaurants closed, how can you order Food?

Due to the recent outbreak of the deadly novel virus, Covid-19, government around the world has gave mandatory orders that all restaurants should be closed until further notice. Restaurants are only open for drive though and pick up services, with the recenta ban placed on sitting and eating in all restaurants. This partial shut down is done in a bid to reduce the risk of more people contacting the highly contagious virus.

Now that you are confined to the walls of your house, and you are not the type that cooks in your house, how will you get food for your consumption and that for your family?

This article is meant to educate the general public on how to get access to food in this time where it’s pretty hard, and not just that, but also how to be sure we are not taking in the so called virus or other unhealthy stuffs with the food we order.

Firstly, we need to ask ourselves this question if it is healthy for us to order food when there is a huge concern over general health internationally. Is it really safe to order food out there?

Well, it will be comforting to note that there is yet to be a case of the Covid-19 virus being transferred through food worldwide, but according to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), there is a high chance that infected persons might be able to pass the virus though their feces and other stuffs which might be introduced mistakenly into our meals when we order them. It is also worth knowing that restaurants have been charged with following the safety rules and regulations in addition to other extra measure introduced during the wake of the virus. You should not be ordering for food from any restaurant you are not sure of its food handling standards.

Down to the question if you should order food online this period, there are some things you need to put in mind before you decide to do so;

According to some top medical personnel, the food itself might not be the issue, even if the person preparing the food is sick with the virus because cooking itself can kill the virus. As long as the food is handled properly, there is little or no risk to you. Well, except the virus is introduced to the food after it is cooked, and obviously salads might be a sure means to transfer the virus as they are not cooked.

And also, delivery workers are humans who interact with other humans all the day, and there is a higher probability that they would have delivered to other customers too, even to customers who might as well have the virus themselves. The delivery men might actually be the main people to be worried about, because they are the ones who go out there from house to house interacting with both the quarantined and everyone in all. Given the number of persons they see per day, they is a high probability risk that they might come in contact with someone who actually is suffering from the virus and thereby act as a medium to get it to you when they come to deliver your order if you are not extremely careful.

There is a way out of this though, if you can’t do without ordering your food, then you should be able to device a means of receiving your orders without having physical contact with the delivery man. I can show you how. Instead of coming out to receive your order and probably giving tips to your delivery man, all you have to do is place your tip outside your door for your delivery man to get and have him drop your order right in front of your door.

Try as much as possible to be considerate too, if there are delays or mistakes in the order, please just forgive the delivery worker, they are under a lot of pressure right now. Please don’t give them a one-star rating that could jeopardize their employment.

You also need to remember the fact that the delivery men or couriers are humans too, if they are risking their lives to bring food to your door, then you should be able to show them appreciation by giving them tips. Most of these couriers do not have anything else to hope on, this is why they are still on the streets trying to make ends meet while the rest of the population are on self isolation. The best you can do to make them happy is show them you understand their plight and support them with whatever you can.


Nothing is a hundred percent sure these days, but to be on a safer side, there is a need to be selective of the services you order. And also, after receiving every order, you are expected to wash your hands in case of any exposure to the virus.

There is no doubt that the highly nutritious food that people are suppose to eat in times like these are getting costlier by the day, and it takes only the wealthy to afford them.

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There is no need to worry about getting products that might have been infected or something as there is a value placed on following the safety rules placed by health associations.

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